Features of the Talking Bible

Quick Features

The Talking Bible® is designed for rugged use by non-readers around the world. It has no screen or display, so it is perfect for computer novices and the visually impaired.

  • Easy to use — Flip through books and chapters by pressing buttons on the side
  • Convenient — Solar models charge in sunlight and play for over two hours when fully charged, while battery models accept standard AA batteries
  • Powerful speaker — High-quality, built-in speaker fills the room with sound! Loud enough for 200 people to hear
  • Durable design Designed to look like a compact leather Bible and built to serve in the most severe conditions in the global mission field
  • Dependable audio — Scripture narration protected from erasure or tampering

Playback Controls

Talking Bible playback controls
  1. The 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with headphones and speakers.
  2. The ridged dial controls volume and power.
  3. The round button toggles between testaments and libraries, if available.
  4. Two buttons move forward and backward between chapters.
  5. Two larger buttons move forward and backward between books.

Solar Power or Batteries?

The Solar Talking Bible is easy-to-use both on and off the grid. A sturdy solar panel on the back charges the Talking Bible. It does not need replacement batteries, charges in less than eight hours of direct sunlight, and plays for two hours when fully charged! The solar-powered Talking Bible can also be charged with a Micro USB cable, which is included.

The Battery Talking Bible takes three standard AA batteries, and runs for hours! It is the choice for anyone who requires extended use without charging or who prefers the security of changing batteries when needed. The battery compartment is easily accessible on the side of the Talking Bible. The Battery Talking Bible will also play while connected by a Micro USB cable, which is NOT included.

Why buy a Talking Bible?

You can have a brand new experience with God’s Word!

The Talking Bible captures a classic Bible style look with its black and gold book shaped design.

Sit, relax, and turn on the Talking Bible. Or take a walk and listen. Sometimes all you need to rouse your spirit is a simple to use audio Bible.

Listening to God’s Word gives you new insights into the timeless truth. Let God’s Word minister to your soul. Watch your heart change.

Perhaps your mother may have difficulty reading because she is getting older and her eye sight isn’t as it once was. The Talking Bible is easy for her to use.

Available in the more traditional colors of black and gold, the Talking Bible, with its dedicated buttons that take you from book to book and chapter to chapter is an ideal tool for chaplains too.

Maybe you have an uncle staying in a convalescent home, and he can’t get to church like he did before. Imagine how blessed he would feel being able to listen to God’s precious Word any time of the day or night.

God’s Word is a constant companion to those who memorize Scripture. The Talking Bible helps you to hear the Word clearly, so that memorizing important passages becomes easier.

If you have a friend visiting from another country, the Talking Bible could be available in their language too.

You or your church might even be going on a short-term mission trip to some faraway place. Take a Talking Bible with you on your mission trip. Give it as a gift to someone you meet along the way. Your mission will be a success.

You might even organize a small group gathering to share your Talking Bible with friends, family and neighbors. Bring people together. Listen to God’s Word. You will be blessed as you listen to the Bible.

The built-in solar recharging system allows you to take the Talking Bible anywhere, even on camping trips off the grid.

Suppose your friend lives in a remote place where there isn’t a school. Many people in different parts of the world do not have access to formal education. The Talking Bible was developed in part to help poor readers become better readers, and to promote literacy. Non-readers too gain complete access to God’s lifesaving Word through the Talking Bible.

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