The Talking Bible has a speaker in the front
The Talking Bible makes a good gift in its original box
The Talking Bible has physical controls
The Solar Talking Bible has a solar panel in the back

The Talking Bible

These sturdy, versatile audio Bible players are built to meet the requirements of the mission field. Talking Bibles International is sending out these players into communities of oral learners, where access to God's spoken Word is allowing local non-readers to become church leaders, pastors, and missionaries to their people. Other Christians are finding their own uses for our simple, reliable audio Scripture player.

Purchase Talking Bibles here for yourself, your friends, and your organization. A portion of the purchase price of every Talking Bible is donated to help support Bible distribution among non-readers around the world.  For questions about large orders or out-of-stock items, please contact TB2U Support.

Easy to Use

Two buttons move between books. Two buttons move between chapters.

A single dial controls both volume and power. The standard auxiliary jack connects to headphones and speakers.

The Talking Bible resumes playing in the last chapter you listened to.

Solar or Batteries?

The Talking Bible comes with either a built-in solar panel or a battery compartment. Your choice!

The Solar Talking Bible plays for two hours when fully charged.

The Battery Talking Bible takes three standard AAs, and runs for hours!

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