About TB2U

We manufacture and produce audio Bible players that are self-contained. To make it easy to listen to the Scriptures, the Talking Bible has a built-in speaker.

Each purchase of a Talking Bible from our store helps to support Talking Bibles International's mission to provide spoken Word audio players for people who cannot read the Bible for themselves.

Our audio players have been developed from our field experience in rural and remote areas of Africa and Asia where we have been challenged to share information with village people who cannot read.

The philosophy driving the unique design of the player is to keep the machine as simple to operate as possible.  This minimizes confusion and enables ease of access.

The beauty of the design is its simplicity. The "book shape" of the audio player is intentional and built around a unique trade design developed by our company.

Our company, TB2U, is located in beautiful downtown Escondido, California.

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